Abzahrah Middle Eastern Belly Dance Company is a professional group who perform Egyptian folkloric and modern oriental styles of dance at various private and community events.

Abzahrah Middle Eastern Dance Company has been delighting audiences of all ages in the tri-state area since forming in 2008. Versed in Egyptian folkloric and modern oriental styles, Abzahrah performs at cultural events and festivals, birthday parties and wedding showers, and adds colorful performances to the entertainment slate at retirement communities.

With glittering canes, gracefully balanced candle trays and swords, fluttering veils and exciting finger cymbals, Abzahrah’s repertoire spans numerous props, styles, and traditions of bellydance appropriate for any audience.

Appearances include:

Allentown Freakout Festival
St. Luke’s Gala
Moravian Village
Penn State College
Moravian College
Country Meadows
And many more private and community events!

Contact via email abzahrahbellydance@gmail.com or Facebook message to get details on booking Abzahrah at your next event.