Carmen is a delightful and compassionate Middle Eastern Dance Artist.  Her passion and enthusiasm for belly dance come through in each performance.  Carmen is a sought-after performer and instructor who loves the opportunity to share the beauty of belly dance with others. 

A lifelong student of dance, Carmen began studying bellydance under the talented Amala Gameela in 2008.  She has furthered her studies under the inspiring, international stars Mohamed Shahin, Katalin Schäfer, Faten Salama, Nourhan Sharif, Karim Nagi, Raqai Hassan & Hossam Ramzy.  Carmen believes in preserving the beauty of traditional Middle Eastern Dance.  Carmen is honored to be a member of the renowned Abzahrah Middle Eastern Dance Company. 

With a passion for performing, Carmen has shared her talent and beauty at various festivals, theatrical shows, concerts, educational presentations, cultural celebrations, weddings, birthday parties and restaurants.  Each performance is tailored to the event.  Carmen’s breathtaking performances incorporate emotion and energy from the music to create a show that is entertaining and memorable.  Offering variety and excitement to each show, Carmen can incorporate balancing candle tray, sword and cane.  She mesmerizes with the flow of veils and fans and plays intricate patterns on her zills. 

 Beauty combined with brains, Carmen holds a master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania.  She is an owner and counselor at RCG Counseling.  Her passion for helping others is matched by her passion to perform and entertain.  Carmen is blessed with the opportunity to share her passion with others.  Please invite Carmen to your next special event for a performance that is sure to impress.